About Us


Explore Glide

Since 2022, Exploreglide has been revolutionizing the travel industry. The idea for Exploreglide was born out of a shared passion for travel and education. The founders had experienced the challenges of planning international trips and navigating visa processes firsthand. They realized that many Africans encountered similar difficulties and felt overwhelmed when trying to explore the world or pursue education abroad.

Driven by their vision to make travel accessible and study-abroad opportunities attainable for all Africans, they gathered a team of travel enthusiasts and experts. Together, they combined their knowledge, expertise, and dedication to create Exploreglide.

In the early days, the team started by offering personalized travel planning services to friends and family, ensuring each trip was tailored to individual preferences and needs. They quickly gained a reputation for providing exceptional customer service and expert advice. Recognizing the growing demand for reliable visa processing assistance and study abroad guidance, Exploreglide expanded its services to include these offerings.

The agency invested in cutting-edge technology, forming partnerships with leading airlines, travel providers, and educational institutions to offer a comprehensive suite of services to their clients.